Hotel Owner-Dog Owner Agreement

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I am pleased to welcome responsible dog owners and their dogs, provided that:

  • Dogs are the only animals permitted.
  • The occupancy of people and dogs combined is limited to 6 per room.
  • Respect and consideration is always shown for the property and especially toward other guests. 
  • You enjoy the open grass areas and the designated off-leash dog park, but avoid landscaped areas and indoor public spaces.
  • You promptly remove all pet waste, or the hotel staff will provide pet waste removal for a service fee of $30 per occurrence.
  • You will compensate the hotel for any detriments that may occur.
  • A copy of this agreement will be presented and signed at check in.
  • Save big on the nightly dog fee when you reserve on this website or by calling us directly at 636-629-1000.

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